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Hope for Humanity (sort of…)

Just before bed I happened upon this via MthruF and had two main thought lines.

1) That poor girl didn’t expect this, I reckon.

2) What a way to prank someone.

Most pranks involve various levels of embarrassment, usually through some form of mockery or unfriendly set-up.

Not for Giorgio is this type of tomfoolery. The fact that he is so polite makes it somewhat sweet and actually is more likely to have put a bright edge on the order taker’s day.

Next time you want to be a bit random and silly, don’t harass your roommate. Sing.


No, not the spectral kind.

Devin Townsend at the Union Chapel last night was simply amazing.

There was no better venue for the performance and, although rather exhausted from the previous three nights (confirmed during ‘Blackberry’), they really made a room already somewhat awe-inspiring so much better.

As one of my favourites, I thought ‘Kawaii’ might bring a tear if not already caused by ‘Feather’, but I could have done with some man-size tissues.

The whole performance was simply amazing and I just wish I could have done it over and over again. I’m not sure that the man himself would, though 😉

Still awe-struck, so I can’t really put into words how good this gig was. If you were there, you’ll know.

Oh, and shout to Mike St Jean for the ‘heart attack’. Even though I knew it was coming, you still got me!

No Redemption – Dying Day

On a similar theme to the last post, here is No Redemption‘s video for the Philip Gardiner film, One Hour To Die.

A fantastic addition to the growing collection, this is a video well worth a view.

Warning: some scenes contain blood.


Later today, No Redemption are filming a new video.

I’d love to tell you what it’s about, but that’d ruin the surprise…

The Acoustimass Project – 22 Sep 2011

Check out this performance from  The Acoustimass Project’s videos.