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Farewell, Whitney

Well, I must admit that this was a surprise early this morning, but Whitney Houston has passed on at the age of 48.

All day, I’ve been thinking back through childhood memories and one specific memory has been on repeat. My mother is really to blame, but I remember many times her singing along to this particular number:

I’m not going to go on and about her life in any way. That would be a job for the media sites and press. I’m just going to enjoy the music and, more importantly, dance.

David Croft – A legend passes

A sad day for comedy as David Croft, part of the writing team behind Dad’s Army, ‘Allo,’ Allo and Are You Being Served?, passed away today.

Personally, I have to consider him partially liable for some of my own sense of humour as I fondly remember seeing a great amount of his work (even if mostly repeats) as a child. I doubt I’m alone here.

Please join me in celebrating the life of a comic legend and maybe stick on an episode or two of your favourites from his works.

More in the article here: David Croft – Telegraph.

[thanks to @qikipedia (The QI Elves)]