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Hope for Humanity (sort of…)

Just before bed I happened upon this via MthruF and had two main thought lines.

1) That poor girl didn’t expect this, I reckon.

2) What a way to prank someone.

Most pranks involve various levels of embarrassment, usually through some form of mockery or unfriendly set-up.

Not for Giorgio is this type of tomfoolery. The fact that he is so polite makes it somewhat sweet and actually is more likely to have put a bright edge on the order taker’s day.

Next time you want to be a bit random and silly, don’t harass your roommate. Sing.

Poor Arsene Wenger…

Breakfast nearly spat across my laptop watching this gif.

Not even sure what makes it so funny, but it works for me.

Happy Friday and take it easy.

Dropping the Science: Which One Are You?

Thank you  Memebase for giving me a little festive cheer.

And I want to take this time to wish you a very happy season, whatever your faith.

More updates in the new year… promise 🙂

Quote of the Week

We’ve all been there; you’re sat minding your own business and someone nearby says something rather humourous or downright weird and you wish you could immortalise it.

I, on the other hand, was inspired to create a quote of the week post. This will be in tandem with the day’s quotes on the date they are heard.

All providers will be known only by first name, unless they happen to be a known public figure.

Small selection this time, but lease vote on your favourite below.
Oh, and enjoy your Hallowe’en weekend 😉