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Chapter 2: An Unexpected Departure

So, life has done some weird things at me these past few months and I’m looking at a new direction to take.

What this means for you is that I have sadly outgrown this blog of mine and am looking at new ways to touch base with the world.

Rather than, as possibly suspected by some, simply disappearing off the world, I feel that I owe the courtesy of a formal farewell.

It’s been fun (for me, anyway) and insightful (again, mainly for me!) and often weird. I just hope you all keep following me (@PaulHeeleyMusic / Facebook) and I wish you all bon chance pour l’avenir (good luck for non-French speakers)

Hugs / Brofists / Brohooves (yes, I am) all round.

Anime. Not Just For Perverts

When some of you hear the word anime, I would guess you see tentacles and schoolgirls. Some of you just see the schoolgirls… Often with ‘fan service’ (or panty shots).

You are all hentai. Note that I did not say thinking of hentai. That’s like saying thinking of perverts; grammatically bizarre and garden variety bizarre as a concept.

For those of you who perhaps saw a post apocalyptic Tokyo or animal cruelty (think about it…), or maybe bizarre fantasy worlds with Disney distribution, you are perhaps mainstream, but on a better track.

I have a bit of a thing for CLAMP’s body of work, primarily Chobits and CardCaptor Sakura as of late. Granted, the humour in Chobits is mildly ‘ecchi’, but the actual story had more heart than a lot of live action films or series. I’m not going to ruin it in case you hunt it out, but I shed real tears at the end. As well as laughing so hard at times. You can find the series here, or the complete manga over two omnibus volumes from a wide variety of sources.

As for Sakura, not only does it have something that western TV has to make big events over (pansexual relationships), but again lots of humour and heart. And again, infant-esque levels of weeping in places. Take episode 16, ‘Sakura and the Rainbow of Memories’. I will not give away any plot, but just say that no cards were captured during the episode and I think the ending ranks as one of my top emotional moments of any entertainment type. Please hunt it down and enjoy.

Sorry this is a long one, but I thought of this a few weeks ago and have dwelt on it to insane levels. I just hope that those of you who see animation as just another way of storytelling agree with me. Those of you who didn’t before, I hope you may reconsider and give it a chance.

Just… Wow…

So, as well as this song by theJellybottys made famous by Alan Davies on QI, I have just found out about this wonderful venue.

Think I need to plan a day trip to Whitstable soon!

Musical Interlude

Still recording, but I thought I’d post the first five for you here.

Not perfect, but should give you a rough idea of what my brain is throwing out.

Feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts 🙂

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Okay, strange title nine days after a certain romantic holiday, but something I wanted to ponder with you all.

I’m not necessarily talking about the romantic version, but more the platonic and overall compassionate views of one of the most loaded four letter words after the one that rhymes with duck.

It is a very strange world that we have found ourselves in, where we can put our thoughts out to the world without major cost or travel. Of course, not all thoughts are happy sparkles of tinsel and we all have moments where the sparkles are electric sparks and the tinsel is blood-coated barbed wire… far from happy.

Thanks to freedom of speech, both are valid and definitely have their place. Even before the internet, we would have these thoughts, but we’d write a letter or just tell people. So nothing has really changed, right?

The difficulty of the written word is that it has no context. There is no inherent tone or pitch and certainly no body language, so it is pure inference as to what the writer’s intent was. Even the vast world of emoticons can only imply that one was poking fun and not being aggressive.

Generally, shouting is understood by CAPS LOCK, but there are people who seem to have inherently faulty keyboards. So, we need to get around this and simply be more understanding and compassionate. Judge not and all that jazz. One misunderstood comment can cost so much emotionally and the same amount of effort in acknowledgement and appreciation of the likely intended meaning can save a lot of stress.

So, yeah. Love. It’s kind of a good thing.

Ignorance < Bliss

Routine rules us all, whether we like to admit it or not. I bet most of you have little rituals before bed (smoke and a coffee being had as I type) or have your workspace laid out a certain way.

What about our perceptions of the world we inhabit? We will routinely walk past or even interact with people or things without pause if they fit to our world view, no matter whether they’re out of place or not.

I am neither black nor American, but this caught my eye for the underlying message:

Yup. That last four minutes and fourteen seconds really happened and the main reason for this post is that this is not localised. This misunderstanding happens all over the world and it is really a case of ‘insert ethicity’.

Weirdly, it links to travelling back from a gig last night whereby the subject of racism was mentioned and many do it completely unintentionally, just like these people. The same applies to religions, physical and mental health conditions, sexuality, and even musical preferences.

Do me the world yourselves a favour. Be mindful of these things and defend every single person their right to be just what they are and wish to be.

Poor Arsene Wenger…

Breakfast nearly spat across my laptop watching this gif.

Not even sure what makes it so funny, but it works for me.

Happy Friday and take it easy.

A Social Nativity

Had to share this with you all.

Even being a non-Christian, I couldn’t feel anything but glad that I stumbled on this before bed.

Whatever your beliefs are, this is a great angle on one of the main stories of the western world at this time of year.

Enjoy here

Dropping the Science: Which One Are You?

Thank you  Memebase for giving me a little festive cheer.

And I want to take this time to wish you a very happy season, whatever your faith.

More updates in the new year… promise 🙂

Ghostly Goings On at The Vic

I’ve heard the stories, seen pictures and even videos like the one below. Nothing prepares someone for a real life experience of a haunting, however.

Those who know me may be aware of my own ‘house guest’, but he seems more Casper than creepy.

Let me start with this video, shot during some background scene filming for The Hollow:

This is after tales of vigils with strange sounds not unlike a grunting, clothing being moved, cold, and a general feeling of spookiness.

Scroll forward to last week, where No Redemption were rehearsing and some friends who were visiting for Hallowe’en were listening. They managed to capture some footage of a boy dancing, possibly the same one as above, and stills of other possible spectres.

So, this evening upped the game. Around 8:40 p.m., the temperature really dropped and the grunt was heard following James Earnshaw around. As well as the general temperature, ‘cold spots’ appeared and even moved with the band.

James had an idea to record the sound, given that the equipment was there. This was a massive success and we located a subsonic noise that had us all baffled as to the cause. Whilst analysing the recordings, we decided to fill the room with the smoke machine and could see disturbances caused that seemed as though an entity of some sort had moved through it. I want to make it clear that there were no natural draughts and the smoke moved as though forced in a particular way.

A general sense of unease remained and I’ve protected my home tonight before writing this.

The Victoria Hotel in Stoke has a history of strange events and this is another one to add to the list. Hoping to do another vigil there for further evidence, but why not pop down yourself and see what you think firsthand?