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The Two Towers Remixed

You may recall I posted this a few weeks back. Well, Chetreo has done it again:

Again, I should hate this as the funeral song performed by Eowyn is rather moving and any ‘tampering’ would be wrong…

But again, I have been convinced otherwise. I mean it entirely when I say that this had me on the verge of tears.

Can’t wait for the Return of the King one…

Sacrilegious, Precious, But We Likes It

I should detest this, but I’m actually loving it in a weird way. Watch for yourselves:

I was seconds from running away into a corner when the refrain came on (you shall not pass, etc). Something about the way it is mixed together just struck me. When I first found it here, I did not expect to come away humming it.

You can find the creator Chetreo’s channel here.

An Oldie and a Goodie

As a song I like to cover, this song has always spoken to me. The emotion behind it is what propelled me to do my take on it and often leaves me overwhelmed at the end of a performance.

However, back when I first saw the scene it comes from, I was emotionally out of whack and have just watched it again with a better emotional grounding. Wish I had some tissues to hand.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present this:

Red Riding Hood

This may make me sound strange, but I kind of like the film. There’s moments of beauty in it that make any of the less perfect elements disappear in a rose-tinted haze.

What really grabbed me was the soundtrack, however. Yes, I may be a guitarist in a metal band, but I’ll listen to anything once. Okay, most things.

Much of it has a laid-back electronic feel, which I count amongst my guilty pleasures in life. ‘The Wolf’ is one of many people’s favourite tracks from the album, but it doesn’t really do it for me.

‘Just A Fragment Of You’ is a beautiful piece and in my top list from the soundtrack. It works as a stand alone, but the use in the film is a perfect fit, as with pretty much every track. I physically cannot listen to it without a tear in my eye and this is a good thing. I have an entire essay (that may appear some day) in my head about the whole emotional resonance of music and the associated healing or harming power, but this is not the time or place.

‘End Suite’ is again a beautiful, moving and downright haunting piece. It pulls with warm pad sounds and then throws over some laid back clean guitar in to the mix. It works and that is all that matters.

‘Crystal Visions’ by The Big Pink shares some of the feeling and the fact that they follow each other is no coincidence, I’m sure. It then evolves to the electro rock feeling associated with the band and occasionally really crunches , making me feel more valid for enjoying it 😉

Now, I mentioned ‘The Wolf’ earlier and there was a reason for this. This appears courtesy of Fever Ray and to some of you, that provokes the response of ‘Fever who?’. Before that, I want to mention ‘Keep the Streets Empty for Me’ as this is also a Fever Ray contribution. The vocals were very familiar to me and I was racking my brain for it, whilst enjoying the smoky, trip hop feel. Then I remembered José González. His version of ‘Heartbeats’ was in an advertisement for Sony and this was originally by Swedish electronic duo The Knife… vocal duty generally falling to Karin Dreijer Andersson, who uses the name Fever Ray for many solo projects.

Needless to say, one of my random decisions to watch something unusual has led to me indulging another guilty pleasure. I strongly recommend anyone to take a listen to the soundtrack, whether you have watched the film itself or not. If you enjoy it, don’t thank me. Just pass it on again.

Amazon has the film here.