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Not the book / film (which are really rather good), but the concept.

It’s been some time since I looked at ‘life stuff’ here, but it has been on my mind.

Humans are amazing creatures, by and large, and we do some pretty cool things. Sometimes, we are… well… unabashedly ‘human’ and make mistakes. The majority of us feel a sense of guilt and aim to right the wrong and feel positive when karma is back in equilibrium.

Occasionally, we do something massive and can’t seem to right it. This doesn’t mean that the issue hasn’t been dealt with. Usually, this is in our heads, even if the wronged party has accepted that all has been done to address it.

For some, like me, this can lead to a general sense of baggage. We carry these issues with us and consider all of the pursuant actions of our lives in response to the offending act.

Until recently, I thought that I was in a spiral of being dangled the atonement carrot and having it snatched away. This seems to have finally balanced out and I feel that I am now being given the opportunity to move forward and make a life without the pains of previous errors weighing me down.

The real question is whether this is some cosmic scale being balanced or just a personal sense of positive feeling. I would consider both, due to being a logical and spiritual kinda guy, so I feel positive because of the balancing.

This is all personal, however, and I am not stating that everyone should subscribe to my theory. I just offer my views and leave the rest to you.

I will leave you with some wise words, though. We all have good days and bad days and every single thing we do is based on our thoughts and abilities at that time. As long as we do the best we can with these, it has not been for naught.

The Two Towers Remixed

You may recall I posted this a few weeks back. Well, Chetreo has done it again:

Again, I should hate this as the funeral song performed by Eowyn is rather moving and any ‘tampering’ would be wrong…

But again, I have been convinced otherwise. I mean it entirely when I say that this had me on the verge of tears.

Can’t wait for the Return of the King one…

Drummer Wanted!

As much as I dislike abuse of blogs in this way, I need to put this out there.

No Redemption and Thornleaf need a drummer to fill a gap left due to differences.

Will need to have own transport and kit (obviously!) and be local to the band, so Stoke-on-Trent area. Sorry, international fans 🙂

You can contact me on facebook or twitter, or drop a message on the pages linked above.

If you’re not a master of the sticks, please pass this on to someone you know if you think they can fill the slot.

Thank you in advance.


Well, got a fair handle on the recording thing. Even using midi orchestrations.

Some has been frustrating (what interface device? That one there? Can’t see it…), some has been a breeze, but all of it has been worthwhile.

Still, have to admit that my voice has given up for today, at least. However, there are still some hours to make noise in.

More to come soon and maybe even a preview of one or two of them.

Sacrilegious, Precious, But We Likes It

I should detest this, but I’m actually loving it in a weird way. Watch for yourselves:

I was seconds from running away into a corner when the refrain came on (you shall not pass, etc). Something about the way it is mixed together just struck me. When I first found it here, I did not expect to come away humming it.

You can find the creator Chetreo’s channel here.