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Musical Motivation

As you may have noticed if you have eyes, the name of this blog contains the word ‘music’. And regular visitors will know I tend to do a bit of this making notes and words thing.

It may have been a bit quiet on this front and I apologise profusely. However, I have sat today and gone through a number of recordings on my phone and realised the potential for some of my best work ever.

I hope to do some kind of video performance for some of them to let you know what is in my head and heart and upload when I can.

Although, gotten quite worried about three of them. One reminds me of Goblin, the Italian prog band best known for Dario Argento film soundtracks and is my first real instrumental piece.

Then we have my homage to Canadian Devin Townsend (facebook / twitter), involving strange lyrics, vocal weirdness and some bizarre riffs. Purely unintentional, but I had been listening to Deconstruction a lot at the time of writing.

And then ‘Waters’, my 70’s folk moment. I never expected this to happen, but it fulfills some strange creature in my soul and thus I’m happy. Also, managing to really use the lower end of my range to full effect before opening up as it goes on. I think this is my proudest achievement since this one.

More news to come, so stay tuned.

No Excuses

How often do you worry about things during your day? I don’t mean big things, but how you look or perceived obstacles in your way?

Saw this a while back and rediscovered it by pure coincidence.

Now look at yourself. Properly. Think about all of the things that you believe are holding you back and ask yourself if they really are.

I’m not saying I’m innocent here, but it just takes a moment to rethink everything and realise that the truth is not a block. The truth is a liberator and I simply ask that you let it.

Dog CPR Advice (Reblog)

Some very useful information for dog lovers everywhere.
This stuff saves lives, kids.


Okay, strange title nine days after a certain romantic holiday, but something I wanted to ponder with you all.

I’m not necessarily talking about the romantic version, but more the platonic and overall compassionate views of one of the most loaded four letter words after the one that rhymes with duck.

It is a very strange world that we have found ourselves in, where we can put our thoughts out to the world without major cost or travel. Of course, not all thoughts are happy sparkles of tinsel and we all have moments where the sparkles are electric sparks and the tinsel is blood-coated barbed wire… far from happy.

Thanks to freedom of speech, both are valid and definitely have their place. Even before the internet, we would have these thoughts, but we’d write a letter or just tell people. So nothing has really changed, right?

The difficulty of the written word is that it has no context. There is no inherent tone or pitch and certainly no body language, so it is pure inference as to what the writer’s intent was. Even the vast world of emoticons can only imply that one was poking fun and not being aggressive.

Generally, shouting is understood by CAPS LOCK, but there are people who seem to have inherently faulty keyboards. So, we need to get around this and simply be more understanding and compassionate. Judge not and all that jazz. One misunderstood comment can cost so much emotionally and the same amount of effort in acknowledgement and appreciation of the likely intended meaning can save a lot of stress.

So, yeah. Love. It’s kind of a good thing.

An Oldie and a Goodie

As a song I like to cover, this song has always spoken to me. The emotion behind it is what propelled me to do my take on it and often leaves me overwhelmed at the end of a performance.

However, back when I first saw the scene it comes from, I was emotionally out of whack and have just watched it again with a better emotional grounding. Wish I had some tissues to hand.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present this:

Well. Erm. Yeah…

Before any words come out of me, I present the following without tainted views:

I am still unsure what to make of it. Not sure if I really like it or despise it with a fiery passion. It is no secret that I love Japan. It is less of a secret that I like metal. I like J-Rock too, now I think of it.

But this is… I’m not sure if it’s the come down / caffeine hangover that has attacked me this morning, but this has made my world go sideways, down a little, and then lurch upwards again.

Is it the devil’s spawn, released on us unsuspecting gaijin with a view to take over our lands? Is it the damned sweetest thing you ever did see? Or is it somewhere in the middle?

I must admit that I am humming the above track in my head as I type. There could even be a little swaying. Okay, full-on bopping. But I feel a little bit dirty for it.

Try this out whilst you’re there. Looking at the group’s website, I think this may be in fact plugging their album, due on 7 March 2012.

The fox sign is something I may take up in place of ‘the horns’, just to mess with people. Although, I was using this 20-odd years ago as a sort of imaginary friend named ‘Fingerfox’. And not sure why I just told that to the world.

Ahem… Let me know your thoughts in the comments. About the band, not my childhood.

Farewell, Whitney

Well, I must admit that this was a surprise early this morning, but Whitney Houston has passed on at the age of 48.

All day, I’ve been thinking back through childhood memories and one specific memory has been on repeat. My mother is really to blame, but I remember many times her singing along to this particular number:

I’m not going to go on and about her life in any way. That would be a job for the media sites and press. I’m just going to enjoy the music and, more importantly, dance.

Ignorance < Bliss

Routine rules us all, whether we like to admit it or not. I bet most of you have little rituals before bed (smoke and a coffee being had as I type) or have your workspace laid out a certain way.

What about our perceptions of the world we inhabit? We will routinely walk past or even interact with people or things without pause if they fit to our world view, no matter whether they’re out of place or not.

I am neither black nor American, but this caught my eye for the underlying message:

Yup. That last four minutes and fourteen seconds really happened and the main reason for this post is that this is not localised. This misunderstanding happens all over the world and it is really a case of ‘insert ethicity’.

Weirdly, it links to travelling back from a gig last night whereby the subject of racism was mentioned and many do it completely unintentionally, just like these people. The same applies to religions, physical and mental health conditions, sexuality, and even musical preferences.

Do me the world yourselves a favour. Be mindful of these things and defend every single person their right to be just what they are and wish to be.

Hope for Humanity (sort of…)

Just before bed I happened upon this via MthruF and had two main thought lines.

1) That poor girl didn’t expect this, I reckon.

2) What a way to prank someone.

Most pranks involve various levels of embarrassment, usually through some form of mockery or unfriendly set-up.

Not for Giorgio is this type of tomfoolery. The fact that he is so polite makes it somewhat sweet and actually is more likely to have put a bright edge on the order taker’s day.

Next time you want to be a bit random and silly, don’t harass your roommate. Sing.